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Evolution Enterprise 4-Station 12LPM

Evolution Enterprise 4-Station 12LPM


This Evolution Enterprise package includes all the equipment and supplies you need to get started and offers a whopping 12LPM/liters per minute of 95% pure oxygen, the absolute highest oxygen output on the market.

3 LPM of 95% pure oxygen per person is the optimum to FEEL the oxygen effect. 2LPM is the minimum to FEEL the oxygen effect.

This package is ideal for serving 4 people at time receiving 3 LPM each person but can serve up to 6 people.

  • 4 people = 3 LPM each
    5 people = 2.4 LPM each
    6 people = 2 LPM each

Color * 

Please choose your bar color

Color * 

We manufacture the Enterprise in silver and white, but are happy to customize any color. We will contact you to finalize your custom color selection.

Branding * 

Optionally brand your bar with your own company name or logo.

Custom Branding * 

Optionally brand your delivery station with your own company name or logo.

Bottles * 

Choose whether you want glass or mock-glass oxy-aroma bottles.

Voltage * 

Add additional Nose Hoses * 

This packages includes 400 Nose Hoses

Add additional Oxy/Aromas, station bottles * 

This packages includes 16 Oxy/Aromas. We will contact you to finalize your Oxy/Aroma selection.

Add Maintenance Kit * 

Keep spare parts on hand includes: 4 BPA free/mock-glass bottles, 1 flow valve/4, 4 uni-valves, 2 connection “T”, 4 tube connectors, 6′ tubing

The most innovative and versatile oxygen bar in the industry! The Evolution Bar is highly durable and
-Oxygen flow rate can be adjusted for each aroma
-Unique design for quiet operation
-Concentrates ambient air safely and conveniently; never need to buy oxygen again!
-Indirect interior accent lighting
-Mock glass BPA free bottles
-Low equipment maintenance and requires no medical license to operate
-Low operating costs
-Simple plug-in unit that can easily be used anywhere in the world
-Certifications and approvals-CSA, CE

Package Includes

  • (1) Evolution Bar
  • (4) Enterprise Delivery Stations 12v
    (2) Oxygen Generator 6L
    (2) Connection Kits
    (400) Nose Hoses – Individually Wrapped
    (16) Oxygen Safe Oxy/Aromas (400 10-minute sessions)
    (16) Oxy/Aroma Labels (full color graphics)
    Marketing System –
    (2) Oxygen Posters
    (2) Table Top Oxygen Display
    (2) Oxygen Aroma Menu
    (2) Benefits of Oxygen Display
    (2) Facts About Oxygen Display
    (12) Gift Cards/Loyalty Cards
    (1) Equipment Instructional User Guide
    (1) Maintenance Guide
    (1) Maintenance Schedule
    5-Year Manufacturers Warranty
    24/7 Live Operational & Technical Support
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Enterprise Delivery Station

  • -Voltage: 12v (110v/220v compatible)
    -Dimensions: 13″ L x 10″ D x 13″ H
    -Weight: 12 lbs.

Oxygen Generator

  • -Non-Medical
    -New, never refurbished
    -Oxygen Output: 6 liters per minute, constant delivery pressure of 92-98% pure oxygen
    -Voltage: 110v 60Hz
    -Dimensions: 17″ L x 11″ D x 29″ H
    -Weight: 60 lbs.

Evolution Bar

  • Dimensions: 95″ width (outside corners) – 67″ deep – 42″ high
  • Weight: 140 lbs. total









Weight400 lbs
Dimensions40 × 48 × 62 in

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