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Canned O2 Biggi 2-Pack

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Canned O2 Biggi 2-Pack


Up your oxygen game with this energy-infused two-pack of canned oxygen. Each oxygen canister is packed with 180 breaths of pure recreational oxygen, so you'll have 360 breaths of energy and recovery from this dynamic duo.

The Biggi canned O2 is the perfect extra-large pick-me-up for sports and big adventures – take it with you on long-haul hikes, while you train for a marathon or when you’re facing a stressful workweek. A few deep breaths from the Biggi will help keep you stay alert, energized and ready to conquer the day. The Biggi delivers oxygen through a designer, proprietary mask. To use, simply place the mask to your mouth, squeeze the trigger and inhale.

Includes 2 canisters, each can = 180 breaths and 7 liters of pure recreational oxygen

Cans are assembled, filled and quality-controlled in the U.S., made with recyclable aluminum, and are 100% recyclable after use. Pick up your all-natural pick-me-up today!

USA and ground shipments only. All sales are final. 

Suggested Retail Price for each can is $30


Weight2 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in

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