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Intrepid EXT and Intrepid: 2-Stations 10LPM

Intrepid EXT and Intrepid: 2-Stations 10LPM


This Intrepid and Intrepid EXT package includes all equipment and supplies you need to get started and offers a whopping 10LPM/liters per minute of 95% pure oxygen, the absolute highest oxygen output on the market.

3 LPM of 95% pure oxygen per person is the optimum to FEEL the oxygen effect. 2LPM is the minimum to FEEL the oxygen effect.

This package is ideal for serving up to 3 people at time with each person receiving 3.33 LPM of oxygen. Two people share one station (Intrepid EXT) and the third person has their own station (Intrepid). Each person has their own session timer, anti-theft timer and can combine from 2 to 4 aromatherapies at one time. (Intrepid EXT 2 aromas, Intrepid up to 4 aromas)

  • 3 people = 3.3 LPM each
    4 people = 2.5 LPM each
  • 5 people = 2    LPM each

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Package Includes

    • (1) Intrepid Delivery Station 12v
    • (1) Intrepid EXT Delivery Station 12v
    • (1) Oxygen Generator 10L
    • (1) Connection Kit
    • (1) Extension Kit for social distancing
    • (200) Nose Hoses - Individually Wrapped
    • (8) Oxygen Safe Oxy/Aromas (400 10-minute sessions)
    • (8) Oxy/Aroma Labels (full color graphics)
    • Marketing System:
      (2) Oxygen Posters
      (1) Table Top Oxygen Display
      (1) Oxygen Aroma Menu
      (1) Benefits of Oxygen Display
      (1) Facts About Oxygen Display
      (6) Gift Cards/Loyalty Cards
      (1) Instructional User Guide
      (1) Maintenance Guide and Schedule
      5-Year Manufacturers Warranty
      24/7 Live Operational & Technical Support

Color * 

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Voltage * 

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Add additional Nose Hoses * 

This packages includes 200 Nose Hoses

Add additional Oxy/Aromas, station bottles * 

This packages includes 8 Oxy/Aromas. We will contact you to finalize your Oxy/Aroma selection.

Add Maintenance Kit * 

Keep spare parts on hand includes: 4 BPA free/mock-glass bottles, 1 flow valve/4, 4 uni-valves, 2 connection “T”, 4 tube connectors, 6′ tubing

The Intrepid and Intrepid EXT Delivery Stations have clean modern lines and are built with a smart design, strong construction and will provide years of enjoyment. These stations infuse popular aromatherapies with pure oxygen to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. These can be placed on your own counter area, table or build out.

Standard Features

  • -Combinations of up to four therapeutic oxy/aromas on the Intrepid
  • -Combinations of up to two of the four therapeutic oxy/aromas on the Intrepid EXT
  • -Digital session timer that turns unit off at end of session (Intrepid EXT has 2 timers and the Intrepid has one timer)
  • -Anti-theft Monitor, counts how long each station has been on
  • -Oxygen flow rate can be adjusted for each aroma
  • -Unique design for quiet operation
  • -Concentrates ambient air safely and conveniently; never need to buy oxygen again!
  • -LED accent lighting with lit “O2” on the side
  • -Mock glass BPA free bottles
  • -Low equipment maintenance and requires no medical license to operate
    -Low operating costs
  • -Simple plug-in unit that can easily be used anywhere in the world
    -Certifications and approvals-CSA, CE


Delivery Station

  • -Made in the USA
  • -Voltage: 12v (110v/220v compatible)
    -Dimensions: 12″L x 12″D x 15″ H
  • -Weight: 10lbs

Oxygen Generator

  • -Made in the USA
  • -Non-Medical
  • -New, never refurbished
  • -Oxygen Output: 10 Liters per minute, 20 psi*, 95% oxygen
  • 1L 95%, 2L 95%, 3L 95%, 4L 95%, 5L 95%, 6L 95%,
  • 7L 95%, 8L 95%, 9L 95%, 10L 95%
  • -Voltage: 110v 60Hz
  • -Dimensions: 11″ L x 17″ D x 29″ H
  • -Weight: 65lbs.

*psi=pounds per square inch/pressure of O2

Weight22 lbs
Dimensions19 × 19 × 19 in

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