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Oxygen Bars

Intrepid Enterprise Intrepid
Oxygen Output/PressureO2 source requiredO2 source requiredO2 source required
Oxygen Facial Option---
Infuse how many aromas at one timeUp to 4Up to 4Up to 2 on each side, of 4
Adjustable O2 flow rate for each aroma+++
Digital Session Timer112
Anti-theft timer112
Illuminated “O2” on sides+-+
Interior lighting illuminating oxy/aromas+++
4 BPA free mock glass bottles+++
Stocked ColorsPlatinum/Silver, Arctic WhitePlatinum/Silver, Arctic WhitePlatinum/Silver, Arctic White
Custom Color+($60)+
4 Glass Bottles-($36)-
Custom Branding-($25)-
Made in the USA+++
5 Year Warranty+++
Voltage12v (110v,220v compatible)12v (110v,220v compatible)12v (110v,220v compatible)
Dimensions14” L x 10” D x15”H13” L x 10” D x13”H14” L x 10” D x15”H
Product Height
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